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Inbound Selling | Shaun Crimmins

About Inbound Selling | Shaun Crimmins  


Shaun Crimmins is a sales professional with a background in consultative selling, sales coaching, and consulting. 

The Inbound Selling approach is something he has been trained in, practiced, and taught others to execute.

Having a background in business, he has consulted with numerous marketing agencies on their sales process and growth strategy, helping to improve internal function and scale.

Eager to tackle new challenges, and help others grow their businesses, he is more than happy to discuss your sales process and coach your reps, click below to set up a free consultation!


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Shaun Crimmins

Services Offered

Sales Process Consult

Identify ways to improve your sales process, tailored to your personas and industry.

  • Full evaluation of your sales process
  • Optimizing steps involved
  • Classroom training for reps


Personalized sales coaching to build the strengths of your top performers.

  • Personal coaching for 1-3 reps
  • Weekly 1-1s to review progress
  • Full "Scouting report" build out